Top 3 design trends in Missouri, Kansas, Nebraska, Iowa, and Illinois  that you love 

Mid-century Modern Trend:

One design trend that is still in vogue is mid-century Modern. The vision of the future prevalent in the ’50s & ’60s continues to be popular as we are well into the 21st century.  

The design that took shape after World War II, was influenced by the new technology of the day. Space travel opened new doors when it came to the design aesthetic of the day and the Russians were in the lead when it came to conquering space. The satellite that was launched on October 4, 1957, was called Sputnik, about the size of a beach ball, the sputnik had telescoping antennas and gave birth to the familiar lighting design we all fell in love with and many offshoots. The Savoy House Galea has a design that nods to both the satellite and also the great US astronaut Neil Armstrong, the first man to walk on the moon in 1969.

Mid-Century Modern is no-nonsense, clean lines with slight curvilinear turns with just a touch of Buck Rogers. But make no mistake thinking that this design trend is only about sparkling metal finishes and flashy futuristic shapes. 

The shape of mid-century styles is very minimalistic in their overall allure with a touch of the abstract. Satellites orbiting the earth also played a part in touching off design influences that were popular. The Hinkley Bowery recreates that feeling with straight geometric lines that support cloud-like spheres that create a style that screams mid-century modern when seen. 


Fredrick Ramond BOWERY By HINKLEY

Whether your design tastes lean towards contemporary or minimalistic, the  Kendal Lighting PF145-9LPA-BLK  provides asymmetrical balance and visual interest to a variety of interior designs.

Reclaimed Industrial:

The next trend we see as having legs is the use of reclaimed materials in home and hospitality decor. The  Hinkley Beckett collection is the perfect example of blending rustic with industrial. The mesh drum shade catches the eye and is accented with an applied wood finish that appears to have come straight out of the factory. Calling the finish “Iron Rust with Aged Chestnut accents” is certainly appropriate. The red undertones in the metal coloration complement the rugged retro-industrial trend and are used in each piece in the collection.

While the Savoy House Darlington appeals to those that live in converted mill lofts or those wanting the factory or retro-industrial feel, Macauley from Savoy House is a sophisticated industrial influenced design. 

Modern Farmhouse:

Many people thought that the modern farmhouse trend would be short-lived. But thanks to Joanna & Chip Gaines this trend is now a staple. Modern farmhouse takes the best of the 21st century and packages it in simple familiar silhouettes that project warmth.  

Sawyer by HINKLEY has a finish called Sequoia which features Iron Rust accents that emphasize the clear seedy glass shades that amplifies modern loft inspired living.

“Good lighting can transform the look and feel of a space, not to mention what it does for its usability.” 

– Joanna Gaines

No matter your style or influence you want to create,  MARSH Lighting has the on-trend styles and up to date design style that will complete the look everyone wants.