Marsh Lighting Helping Deliver Beautiful Landscapes In Mid-West America

The question that is asked by many people in the St.Louis area that would like to add landscape lighting to their homes is; “Do I need a professional to layout and install my landscape lighting?”

The best outdoor lighting plans incorporate identical styles across a variety of fixtures to add safety while maximizing the curb appeal of your property. Unlike other projects, electrical contractors and homeowners from (all over the Midwest) don’t know what they don’t know about the nuances of landscape lighting design or the final appearance of the light at night. 

The benefit of Marsh Lighting’s past experience is that; walkways will not turn into airplane landing strips and the inviting look of the subtle illumination of a facade becomes a repelling glare that turns eyes away.

bad landscape lightong layout

Don’t Be Left In The Dark.

Marsh Lighting helps with the proper selection and installation of landscape lighting on your property, this is a long-term investment that increases both the appearance of the property and the value. When landscape lighting is done properly from the start of the project, your home, and its gardens are provided beauty and security. 

When the landscape lighting bug hits, many homeowners from Illinois and Missouri to Kansas, thru Nebraska and Iowa will head to a big box store with the intent of buying what they need and then installing the lights themselves.

The end result is a look that is not what they envisioned, the quality of the job is poor and so are the landscape lighting fixtures selected, and that goes double for solar-powered lights. The lights don’t have the power behind them yet illuminate the way that most people want it to look.

Focus On The Details:

Lighting a landscape goes far beyond placing lights randomly around the home, or dropping a few around the garden. The professionals at Marsh Lighting have the experience to interpret the requirements and details of each project. Very rarely are two projects the exact same. With a firm understanding of the client’s desires and a layout of the property, the Marsh team will design the lighting to enhance the space using specific fixtures, such as the Hinkley 1536 series to create dramatic effects in your landscape design. 

landscape light missouri Iowa Kansas, Nebraska Illinois

The team at Marsh Sales are the professionals in the (Central Midwest) area and are able to review various lighting options that include fixture type, proper color temperature, and the layout required to provide unique effects for the home while highlighting individual features. 

We know that the warranty question will pop up so if you have asked; “What is the Warranty?” HINKLEY offers a variety of warranties that you can read here, which includes a minimum 2-year warranty up to a 10 -year warranty on some of their products. 


As a HINKLEY representative we want to be your go-to guide for all lighting products, tips, trends and technical how-tos. Marsh Lighting and HINKLEY are here to support you in every step of the project process and are available to assist in creating lighting layouts, including interior and landscape.

Whether the plan is simple or comprehensive. You won’t find any other professional landscape design team that comes close to having the same level of tools and expertise for any design project you have. We cannot wait to help solve your technical or design challenges, and offer assistance in:


  • Photo Imaging: quickly and easily create visual landscape layouts that start with your customer’s house or building
  • CAD Drawings: create accurate, scaled drawings of your landscape plan in any size or scale
  • Lighting Design: create stunning night lighting designs from a picture you took during the day
  • Professional Proposals: create professional-looking sales presentations and bids for landscape projects
  • 3D Rendering: create 3D renderings from photo imaging or CAD designs.
  • Choosing decorative fixtures that complement the existing architecture and landscape elements for total sophistication and increased property values
  • Providing detailed specs on variable lumen outputs, beam spread and lamping
  • Selecting controls for maintenance-free landscape lighting plans
  • Exclusive collections that are designed with safety in mind

Another vendor we use at Marsh Lighting is Focus Industries. 

FOCUS Industries, Inc. was born on September 28, 1989, manufacturing 12-volt power supplies and accessories from 100-600 watts for the landscape lighting Industry.

Today, FOCUS is proud to be one of the few dedicated manufacturers of landscape lighting products in the industry. FOCUS offers the largest, most extensive product line — multiple finishes, materials, voltages, light sources, and accessories. Just about any exterior application can be completed by FOCUS. With its product line intact, FOCUS continues to offer top-notch training, in both English and Spanish, to contractors, specifiers, and distributor personnel.

Bring your landscape lighting needs into… FOCUS!

The Focus Industries warranty covers a 3-year minimum warranty.  All warranties from our vendors are designed to provide peace of mind to the end-user. 

Marsh, We Specify Landscape Lighting

Marsh Sales will specify fixtures, drivers, transformers, and wire for use in their projects. With decades of personal experience, this assures that the project will meet the high standard and expectations of the end-user. 

We also know the materials specified and supplied are durable and will tolerate various outdoor weather conditions and other less thought of impacts like bugs, pests, pets, and weed whackers. The Marsh team is educated to understand electrical systems, power needs, and consumption. 

Sadly selecting landscape lighting from online or a big box store will not come with the knowledge to layout the project or assure that your landscape lighting will look good, hold up to the elements or have high-quality performance requirements needed to endure. The team at Marsh will make sure that your design is perfect! call us today.