7 Reasons Why Emery Allen LED Lamps Are Better.

Choices people love to have options, for some it is chicken or fish; others, window or aisle,  left or right?

In the world of LED light bulbs most people do not know that they have many choices. Make the right choice and you can see well. There is the right amount of light to do any activity what you want without any harsh glare. Make the wrong choice and you have eye strain or the colors in your room or wardrobe are muddy. 

This why Emery Allen is the choice of professional lighting designers and leading lighting manufacturers. But why should you choose Emery Allen over the other LED light bulbs on the market? We are going to give you seven (7) reasons why Emery Allen is the leader.

 1. Research. 

Emery Allen did their homework. They took the issues that plagued LED light bulbs over the years, and fixed them. This has been proven by lighting industry leaders when several major lighting manufacturers, such as Hinkley Lighting, selected EmeryAllen as their LED lamp of choice.

One issue was the ‘blue’ light that was emitted.  This was due to color temperatures of the LED diode itself. With the use of phosphors, Emery Allen controlled the color you see.

2. CRI

Every Emery Allen LED lamp has a higher “Color rendering Index or CRI”  than the competition. This rating assures you that colors will be true and not muddy. You will be able to see the distinction between navy blue and black. Colors will pop, food will look better the higher the CRI. Follow the link to learn more about CRI and why it is important to you. Most Emery Allen’s light bulbs have a CRI of 90+.

Then there is “Color Temperature. ”What is color temperature, you ask?  Color temperature is a way to describe the position that a specific light falls on the color spectrum. The spectrum is measured in Kelvin (K) on a scale of 1,000 to 10,000, with the lower the number, the more yellow (warmer) the light is; the higher the number on the Kelvin scale, the bluer (cooler) the light. Typically, lighting that is appealing to humans is close to 2700K and while 3000k is great in kitchens and bathrooms. EmeryAllen has taken these appealing color temperatures and applied them to their lamps. 

3. Optics.

Superior optics designed for even light distribution.  Optics are what makes EmeryAllen LED better. EmeryAllen bulbs are researched, designed, and developed in the United States for the North American Market.  Tested in the United States with fixtures they are designed for. EmeryAllen does not use pigments for their optics, because they tend to hold in light and heat.  They have developed a special enhancer that is added to the bulb that replaces the traditional pigments used in other led lamps.

4. Heat Distribution.

Unique ceramic bodies and heat sinks which allow for better heat distribution with a quality weight and feel. Connections. stainless conductive points will not corrode or rust and damp environments.

5. Frosted Lenses.

Specially frosted lenses scatter light more efficiently without blocking it with pigment. Frosted lenses diffuse light evenly and provide wider angles than other lenses. 


6. Dimmability.

Emery Allen LED bulbs are fully dimmable!  Granted, in the past, dimmers and LED bulbs were not the best of friends.  Emery Allen bulbs have a Lutron operating certification of 100% on their products.  What does that mean for you? You have a light bulb that will dim all the way down with no flicker.

7. Superior Customer Interactions.

From personal service to lightning fast shipping on most orders. With builtin system efficiencies Emery Allen can ship same day on most orders with no minimum order requirements. If you have the need 1 lamp or 1,000 of them, EmeryAllen happily fills your LED order promptly. Emery Allen LED’s last for more than 25,000 hours and maintain accurate color rendition. EmeryAllen has more certifications from JA8 to ETL. 

Other businesses also trust EmeryAllen light bulbs….Cracker Barrel, MGM Grand, Walt Disney World, UCLA…just to name a few.

You can find Emery Allen LED lamps locally, at these lighting showrooms:  In Wichita? Check out Accent Lighting Strolling thru the ‘Lou? Stop by Metro Lighting.  Traveling thru Illinois?  Steer on into your local Springfield Electric Hanging out in Kansas City, visit Western Chandelier. 

From LED Light bulbs for your bathroom, ceiling fan, to your landscape projects, EmeryAllen has you covered they even help protect sea turtles.

When superior lighting quality is the goal, the LED light bulb that is popular in (list territory with links)  You want Emery Allen. Marsh Lighting is the authorized Emery Allen LED representative. Contact Us here and let us show you why we are the best in the business.